5 Surprising Types of Damage Covered By Car Insurance

No matter how your car is damaged, check your car insurance policy before you eat the cost of repairs. They might just be covered by your insurance.
Car insurance pays for a lot of damages that you may not think would be covered. Some of these odd sources of damage are only covered by comprehensive car insurance, but not all of them. There are a couple that are covered by basic liability or collision insurance. Check your policy, because, if the damage is caused by rodents and unusual animal encounters, it might be covered by your car insurance.
Following are five causes of damage that you may be surprised to find out are covered by your car insurance policy, including damage from rodents, acts of God, deer or other animals on the road, someone else’s personal property, and potholes.

Cause 1 of 5: Damage from rats or mice

The next time you go out to start your car and it won’t start because a rat or mouse chewed through your wiring, call your car insurance provider. If you have comprehensive coverage, the damage should be covered.

Cause 2 of 5: Damage from an “act of God”

If your vehicle is damaged by an “act of God,” your car insurance will pay for the damages, as long as you have comprehensive coverage. An “act of God” is basically any sort of natural event. Earthquakes, forest fires, and floods are all considered “acts of God.”
Did you know that damage from space junk falling from the sky is also covered by your comprehensive car insurance? It is. If your car is hit by a wayward piece of a satellite or a meteor, call your insurance provider. Don’t laugh: according to National Geographic and NASA, it happens.

Cause 3 of 5: Damage from an animal

If you run into a deer on the road, the damages will be covered by your car insurance, as long as you have comprehensive coverage. This is one of those unfortunate but fairly common causes of vehicle damage.
However, animal damage that is a bit less common is covered, too. Did you know that damage from a bear breaking into your car when you park it to go hiking is also covered? It is! So, next time a bear breaks into your car and steals your lunch, give your insurance provider a call.

Cause 4 of 5: Damage to other people’s personal property

If your own personal property is damaged or stolen while it is in your car, your car insurance won’t cover it. However, if somebody else’s personal property is damaged or stolen while it’s in your car, it’s covered. This is true even if you only have liability. You see, you are technically liable for the loss, so your liability insurance will cover it. By the same token, if your personal property is damaged in an accident that is the other driver’s fault, their insurance should cover it.

Cause 5 of 5: Damage from hitting a pothole

If your car sustains damage from hitting a pothole, or many potholes repeatedly, your car insurance will pay for repairs. Believe it or not, this type of damage is actually covered under your collision insurance. Your insurance provider will consider this an “at-fault” event; however, it should be covered. If your insurance provider tries to use it as an excuse to jack up your rates, seriously consider changing providers. Depending on where you live, potholes can be impossible to avoid.
If your current car insurance provider tries to raise your rates unfairly, or if you just want to find the best deal on car insurance, don’t hesitate to shop around. If your current provider won’t cover the above causes of damage, another company might.
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