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The insurance shopping has become a labyrinth of jargon, complicated forms, and sub par customer experience. In the age of pressing a button and having a car show up in under a minute, how is it possible that shopping for insurance - a part of life that’s almost as universal as paying taxes - is so painful?
People overpay on insurance because the thought of wading through the process is too much to face. Even working with the best insurance agents means paperwork, phone calls, and then you end up with limited options since most agents will only shop for you with companies from which they can collect brokerage fees.
Jerry is a new kind of agent. Jerry leverages technology to make your entire experience convenient and delightful. No more lengthy paperwork, pushy phone calls, or never-ending emails trying to sell you insurance. Simply download an app and in 45 seconds you’re all set up. Jerry takes over shopping and comparing quotes from all major insurance companies, reminding you of renewals, completing required paperwork to switch policies, and everything in between. Jerry is your advocate and works hard on your behalf to save you money.
We have a simple credo at Jerry: always do what’s best for members whether we make money or not. We believe in this whole-heartedly because we know that doing the right thing for our members is the right thing for the business - and the industry - in the long run.
Jerry is here to give you more time and money for what matters most in life. If we save you time, money, and stress we have achieved our mission.
- Jerry Team


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JERRY INSURANCE AGENCY is a licensed insurance broker licensed to do business in all 50 states (except HI).
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